Organizational set up

    It is under the direct supervision of Academic & Research Vice president office . The library is managed and controlled by one library staff.

    From ECUSTA/HLI principal objectives and strategies. The library have tailored the following objectives

    1. To select, acquire systematically organize books, Journals, electronic resources in collaboration with faculties department and make them available to support the teaching learning and research program.

    2. To manage Library learning resources efficiently through the maximum use.

    3. To facilitate and make access rapidly and globally growing databases systems to students faculties, staffs through the application of modern library software systems

    4. To change and develop appropriate library staffing system

Specific objectives

    To bring the state of art in the university library and information service unit

Geographical Location of the Library

    Currently the ECUSTA library is temporarily located in the premise of Ethiopia Catholic Cathedral Nativity Church Piassa, Addis Abba The Learning Resource Center (ELRC) exits inside ECUSTA’s administrative building where the building is adjacent to the Nativity Catholic Church


    The Resource Center is established along with the parent Institution (ECUSTA) in the year 2007GC. The existing library has a collection of about 18,000 volumes of books dealing with various subjects. However, the total number of book accounting 40,000 to 50,000 volumes of books which is kept at Ecusta’s stock. The whole collections of books are systematically organized using Dewey Decimal Classification System. In addition to these the books are also organized electronically readable form using CDS/Isis software system so that users can search items electronically. EBooks are also made available through computer facilities for users to download and use them at home.

Service Hours

    The Library’s working hours is scheduled based on the universities’ academic calendar. The Library is also closed during national holy days; classes are not in session and other management obligation.

    In order to meet the needs of the students and staff of ECUSTA, library provides services like reading, lending (issuing), reference services etc. In addition to these it also provides internet services to its users.

Library rules and regulations/policy/

    The library policy is one of most important principles. So the library developed its own rules and regulations purely for managerial purpose. The university management bodies and teaching faculties should recognize and respect what has been done. In this regard library service guide lines have been produced implemented for the sake of better and quality library services provision and control. The guide line covers all library technical and administrative aspects. Of all library functions the hard copy of the library service policy is available upon request

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Contact Person

    Fikre Lemma, Librarian


Cathedral Campus

P.O. Box - 27757/1000
Email: ecustaedu.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +(251) 111 578 352
Mobile : +(251) 913 239 392
Fax : +(251) 111 572 639