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BSW – Bachelor of Social Work


ECUSTA-HLI enrolled Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students in September 2011 after lengthy assessment and an analysis of the need for Social Work in Ethiopia. Currently, we are teaching three batches, namely the third year (2011 entry), the second year (2012 entry) and the first year (2013 entry) which is a total of 34 regular students. According to the original assessment and analysis, the training of social work in Ethiopia should focus on preparing professional social workers to deliver social work services at the individual level, family or group level as well as the community level for the socially vulnerable individuals and groups in the society. Therefore, ECUSTA-HLI, Department of social work is striving to produce competent social work professionals with the provision of a qualified education through experienced teachers. Since the institute is a non profit making school it is possible to give individualized attention to students given their few number. In addition, since it was also the request of the partners of the institute like the catholic church organizations and service providers to trains professional social workers, students have got the chance to conduct field education practicum in those agencies for the purpose of learning and they can also be future employees in different human service organizations as it was originally hoped.


To provide knowledge, values, and skills essential for entry level generalist social work practitioners.

To produce students with basic knowledge and skills for various interventions for addressing problems of individuals, groups, organizations, communities and societies.

Equip students with necessary research methods, social work code of ethics and practice so that they can effectively employ these to mitigate societal problems.


The BSW students are prepared both for direct practice with individuals and families (Micro Social Work Practice) and research, development of policy and program in organizational, community and good governance as well as the development of leadership and administrative skills or the Macro Social Work Practice.

Program duration and requirements

The students are required to complete four years of undergraduate study. The study requires extensive field and course work that cannot be completed in three years because it has a highly interdisciplinary nature with psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, philosophy etc. In addition, the field education program requires time for the purpose of integrating theory and practice. Therefore, ECUSTA-HLI opted for a four years program in Social Work. Students who have completed two years of preparatory lesson of grade 11 and 12 can join the program with others who can meet the requirement of the Ministry of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The students have to complete a total of 146 credit hours comprising 39 credit hours of common courses and 107 credit hours of major courses which includes 16 credit hours of Field education. A minimum of 2:00 of CGPA is needed to graduate and get a “Bachelor in Social Work” degree.

Social work Carrier Options/Opportunities

  • The Medical Sector; health institutions
  • The Educational Sector; schools and academies
  • The Legal Sector; legal issues and right advocacy
  • The Private sector– self employment and private services
  • Community Based Organizations and community projects
  • Government Organizations and social service bureaus
  • Non Governmental organizations (NGOs)

Download the BSW broacher (BSW Broacher )

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